KEA Career

KEA Career contributes to the development of a systematic and targeted career focus in KEA's programmes, to hatch job-ready graduates for the labour market. We cooperate closely with the programmes. Within alumni, internship and collaboration we maintain and develop initiatives for current and former students.


Are you on your last semester or are you done at KEA?

KEA Alumni is a free network for those graduating or having graduated from KEA. The network allows you to keep in touch with KEA, revisit former fellow students and strengthen your professional network and career. 

Join the KEA Alumni network on LinkedIn, participate in events, receive news, find targeted jobs on KEA Jobportal, make use of KEA's workshops and facilities, sign up for the mentoring programme and much more.  


Are you going in internship or is your company looking for an intern? 

As a student, you will be doing an internship. It helps bridge the gap between your education at KEA and your future career in the industry. 

As a company, you can get an intern. All students at KEA must take a full-time internship at least once during their education. This allows you to get a student from your particular field of expertise into your company. 


Does your company want to collaborate with KEA? 

As a company, you can get an intern or collaborate with a group of students on a specific project. You can also hire a student in your field of expertise as a student assistant. KEA continuously collaborates with the business community on the development of our programmes, so the students have something to offer within their field of expertise. 


Here you’ll find an overview of advertised internships, student jobs, full-time jobs and projects. As a student you can see vacancies or create a profile and get relevant ads sent to you automatically. 

As a company, you can place a free ad for: internship, student job, full-time job and project. Your ad will automatically be sent out to students at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.