Annette's advice to KEA Students is that you should continue, even though it sometimes can feel like a big burden to study on the side while working. Annete has met the wall herself, but it was all worth it.

(AU, Project management, AU, Communication in practice, AU, Psychology, 2021) Administrative Secretary at JJW ARCHITECTS.  

Q & A:


Q: How would you describe KEA in one word? 
A: "PRACTICAL learning."  

Q: What was your favourite module, who was your favourite teacher, and what's your favourite KEA memory?
A: "No doubt, my favourite module was project management, because our teacher Jane Roneklint in the most brilliant way knew how to integrate theory with practice while adapting her teaching so that everyone could follow. She made me want to carry on studying.”  

Q: In what way has your KEA education had an impact on your career?
A: “I don’t think it means anything here and now, but I acquire new learning and therefore develop myself.”


 Annette fra JJW hjemmeside


Q: What is your area of specialisation and how did you get a job in the industry?
A: "I applied unsolicited; my specialty is sustainable operations, structure, processes, implementation of change, creating results." 

Q: How does a typical working day look as administrative secretary at JJW Architects?
A: "It varies a lot; some days there are many meetings on the projects I am a part of; some times I manage operations, provide service or I’m helpful to my colleagues and guests and ensure good and healthy well-being. I have the weekly secretarial tasks that need to be solved, and at the same time I have to be highly flexible and prepared for tasks coming up on the spur of the moment."

Q: Who has has had the most impact on you in your working life and how? 
A: "I can’t really name a person, but JJW Architects has had a really big impact on my entire development and learning and understanding." 

Q: How do you see your career path for the coming 10 years? 
A: "I don't think much about career, more about learning. I'm passionate about learning and developing. What the output is going to be over the next 10 years I don't know yet, but I clearly need to work with sustainability, change and people."

 Annette med blomster


Q: Can you tell us a fun/different thing about yourself and how you use it in your everyday life? 
A: "I'm a sustainability nerd, and I often live on food waste." 

Q: What’s your advice to KEA Students?
A: “Don’t stop studying even though it may sometimes feel like a heavy burden besides your work. I’ve also hit the wall, but it’s all worth it. Make demands to the teachers and challenge their teaching.”