LinkedIn - Personal Branding

Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and your professional identity

Boost your career opportunities with this course on job searching and personal branding on social media. Maybe you do already know everything about social media, but have you ever used them for job searching?  This course strengthens your career as you will learn how to get ahead in the field of job hunters, and it will profile you better to your future employer.

LinkedIn is a key tool in a time where traditional job postings are decreasing. Today, more and more positions are occupied through networks and without a regular job posting. Today, you need a professional online identity – and LinkedIn is the go to media. During this course you will learn how to present yourself, your competencies and interests in the best possible manner. When your LinkedIn-profile is stellar, your future employer only needs to Google you – and your professional network will get a better understanding of your expertise.

Your takeaways:

  • The set-up for a catching profile describing you + your skills
  • Tips for optimising your profile for search engines
  • Introduction to personal branding on social media
  • Tools for networking efficiently on LinkedIn with potential connections



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